What are the inputs?

Inputs cover what resources the organisation anticipates drawing on in carrying out its activities. These include financial resources (investment, funding, revenues), human resources (the organisation’s staff and their mix of skills), time, material assets, equipment, technology, space, pro bono services, and inputs from beneficiaries.

What is the timeline of their availability and use?

The timeline for inputs must be made apparent, indicating when inputs will become available and be used, which inputs are yet to be secured, and where there are inputs not being used. The timeline also matches the inputs to the activities

What is the relationship with the investment capital?

For an investor, it is important to review specifically the proposed use of the investment capital, and how this relates to the organisation’s impact plan. Investment may be used directly for capitalising activities, or may play a facilitating or capacity building role in relation to other aspects of the organisation’s operations, finances or financial planning. In either case, the impact plan makes clear how the investment supports the organisation and its generation of impact.

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