What are the activities and the timeline?

The organisation’s activities are the actual things it does in the day to day running of its operations — typically the preparation and delivery of its products and services.

The impact plan defines:

  • what the activities and products or services are
  • the scale of operations: how much, how many, over what area
  • who will be reached: the number and type of beneficiary
  • the timeline, setting out when the activities and the delivery of products or services (including any relevant stages along the way) will take place
  • the operational processes that the organisation has in place and uses for carrying out its activities
  • any partnerships, collaborations or key relationships involved in the delivery of the products or services

How do the activities respond to beneficiary needs?

The impact plan shows how activities respond to the beneficiary needs identified in the organisation’s research of the context. Beneficiary engagement and involvement in activities, and potentially how they are planned and delivered, can provide a powerful indication that the activities incorporate the beneficiary perspective.

Is the outreach of activities inclusive, especially of hard to reach beneficiaries?

The impact plan demonstrates that activities will be inclusive with regard to:

  • awareness

    Beneficiaries are aware of the organisation and the support it provides

  • access

    Products and services are available to all beneficiaries without barriers such as affordability (products or services are affordable and do not rely on ownership of expensive equipment), comprehensibility (e.g. language barriers, complexity, difficulty of forms to be filled out etc.), transport (access by public transport and disabled access requirements), distribution (products or services are not restricted by distribution through specialised networks or groups)

  • outreach

    Beneficiaries accessing the services will be appropriately representative of the target beneficiary group (with regard to issues such as gender and ethnicity), as well as ensuring outreach covers the most excluded and hardest to reach beneficiaries

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